Online Booking
Online booking is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week our website www.casamiaaruba.com.
Just select your arrival date and number of nights and we will show you the properties available. Click on the property you like, click on “Request a reservation” and enter your information: your full name and e-mail address. If you make a reservation online, we will contact you to confirm your rental within 48 hours. Depending on which house you choose we will give you wire instructions. We use PayPal mostly. We will add 5% PayPal charge on the rental amount to cover these costs.



To make a reservation, 50% of the total booking is required. Any reservations made through this website are pending until they are accepted by Casa Mia NV and after your first 50% payment. If your reservation is not accepted we will let you know right away. The reservation is not final until your reservation deposit has been received and you have agreed to the Terms and Conditions.
You can read our Rental Agreement under “Houserules”.


Once approved, the reservation is subject to all terms, conditions and policies. The remaining balance is due 30 days prior to arrival. If your arrival date is less than 30 days from the date of making your reservation, full payment will be due at the time of your reservation.


If  you do not make arrangements to make final payment 30 days before check in, Casa Mia NV may in its sole discretion deem the reservation incomplete and void and your 50% deposit will be forfeited; no refund will be made. Reservations may be made up to 18 months in advance. Renter must be 18 years or older to book a property.


What Forms of Payment are Accepted?
Acceptable payment methods include swift wire transfer and PayPal. For reservations made through this website payment has to be made via transfer or PayPal. PayPal costs of 5% will be added on the final amount. Transfer Costs from any Bank will be added on your payment.


Will You Accept Reservations for Less Than 3 nights?
We have a minimum rental period of 3 nights, but can sometimes make an exception and accept a reservation for less than that. Reservations for less than 3 nights can be booked online but it is possible we will not accept.


How Many Guests Are Allowed to Stay?
Please refer to the particular property page for the maximum occupancy allowed. Occupancy includes infants and children. Rates for homes vary per occupancy. Rates for apartments are based on 2 person occupancy, there is an additional guest fee for extra child(ren).


What Are The Rates?
Rates change by season and length of stay. Rates are shown on the webpage of each property. All of our rentals are on a first come first serve basis, and quotes are subject to change depending on time of booking. No refunds or adjustments will be made for rate changes that take place after the date the reservation is made.


Do You Offer Discounts or Specials?
At times we offer specials. Different specials cannot be combined and can only be applied to new reservations.


What Are The Taxes?
The taxes are a Government Tax of 9.5%  per reservation. These taxes apply to all rents and fees, for rentals to non-residents, regardless of number of nights. Note: Tax rates are subject to change without notice at the will of the local Tax Ordinance. Taxes are included in the rental price. The USD 3.00 tax per night is included in the rental price.


Do You Have A Rental Agreement?
Yes, we do. You can view it on our website under “House rules”. During check in we will let you sign the rental agreement.


What about water and electricity use?
We will include in our rental price an amount of KWH per day for electricity. Extra electricity will be charged for USD 0,50 USD per KWH. Air-conditioning use in the bedrooms during sleeping hours (8 hours a night) based on occupancy is included. We calculated the use based on a temperature around 24 degrees. The colder you will set the air-co the more electricity you will spend. If you are planning to use the air-co in the living area and kitchen most likely you have to pay extra.
Water is included an amount of m3 per week. Extra water will be charged USD 5,00 per m3. Functional showers are included.


Is Housekeeping Included During our Stay?
All of our properties are deep cleaned prior to your arrival and after your departure. We take this job very seriously and we want to maintain 5 stars on Homeaway and Airbnb forever! Additional housekeeping services during your stay are available at an additional charge (you can let us know if you want so on our Fill In template you will receive after your check in). The additional housekeeping services include making the beds, fluffing the pillows, tidying up the house, taking out the trash and washing the dishes and changing the sheets upon request. Rates vary depending on property and service requested. Some villas have extra cleaning included. This applies for stays longer then 1 week and it will be a 3 hour cleaning.


Are Pets Allowed?
Pets are NOT allowed in our properties.


Is Smoking Allowed?
All of our properties are non smoking inside the unit and no exceptions are made. Please use ashtray and not our gardens and nature for your cigarettes. Thank you.


Does The Property Have Internet?
Yes. All of our homes and apartments provide high speed wireless internet access. You will receive the Wifi code after you booked with us and also the code is in our information map which you can find in the property. In Aruba sometimes the internet fails.


What Is The Check In and Check Out Time?



Our checking-in takes places at 3.00 pm.
Will you be arriving early? Subject to availability this will not be a problem. We will let you know if it possible one day in advance or as soon as we know.
Should you want to check-in before 3.00 pm for sure and arrange this in advance we charge the following: Check-in before 12.00 pm for all houses – apartments – studios and villas will be 50% of an additional night (if possible).


Our checking-out takes place at 9.00 am (villas) or 10.00 or 11.00 (apartments – studios).


Do you want to check out later? Subject to availability this will not be a problem. Most times we will meet our guests preferred check out time or getting close to it. We will let you know if it possible one day in advance or during check in. There will be no check-out after 12.00 am.
Should you want to check-out after 9.00 am in advance and you want to be reserve the property we charge the following:

Check-out after 12.00 pm for all houses – apartments – studios and villas will be 50% of an additional night fee.


We appreciate your understanding.


Do You Offer Airport Pick-Up Service?
No, we don’t. It is impossible with 15 properties to look for our guests at the airport. Not even to mention delays and cancelled flights. Taxi rates to all our properties in North are between USD 25 – 35 one way.


How do we get to the house?
We will send you a road map after you booked our house. Please print this map and keep it with you when travelling. Also, ad our telephone numbers in your phone just in case you need us so you can reach us. Telephone numbers and check in instructions you will receive after booking.  We advise you to download an app called ‘Whatsapp’ in your smartphone before your trip, this is a great way to communicate with us once you arrive. Whatsapp works through WiFi, so communication (calls and texting) is easy and free of charge. Also keep the address of your Rental Home in your pocket: You need to fill it in on the paper in the airplane for Immigration.


We’ve Never Been To Aruba Before, Which Activities and Restaurants Do You Suggest?
All our properties have a Information Map with loads of information about Aruba. This information map includes nice restaurants – things to do – discounts – getting married – car rentals – beaches on Aruba and much more! We’ve personally written it and it is full of useful tips.


Is There an Alarm System?
We take the safety our guests and properties very seriously; all villas and apartments have a monitored alarm system. At check-in time you will receive instructions how to operate the system. At all time, use the alarm! If your alarm does not go on, check your doors and windows, one must be open. Always listen for the beep to tell you the alarm is on/off.


Is there a Safe?
Some properties have a safe and we recommend always storing your valuables in the safe. Please leave your safe open at your departure.


Can We Have A Party?
Our properties are located in residential communities and most of the neighboring homes are owner occupied. In order to maintain peace and happiness in the neighborhood we do not allow parties, loud gatherings or events. Any use of the rental property for a purpose other than residential use for a family vacation must be approved in writing by Casa Mia NV. It is not allowed to have an event at any of the apartment properties because of other Renters staying on-site. After 10.00 PM no loud sounds are allowed.


What Is the Cancellation Policy?
For cancellations notices received more than 30 days prior to scheduled arrival date, your 50% deposit payment will be forfeited; no refund will be made. For cancellation notices received 30 or less days prior to scheduled arrival date, and in case of no-show, all monies paid are forfeited, with the exception of end cleaning fee. For peace of mind we recommend that you purchase travel insurance. All cancellations must be submitted in WRITING.


What Happens If There Is Damage To The Property?
By signing your rental agreement, you agree to indemnify Casa Mia NV and the Owner for any damages to the rental property, including damages to furnishings and household items, which are a result of your occupancy, excluding normal wear and tear. Damage will be deducted from the cash deposit.


What Happens If There Is A Maintenance Issue?
We make every effort to keep each property and its equipment in good working order. Should there be a maintenance issue, we will strive to make any repairs as soon as possible. Ongoing property maintenance, including but not limited to pool service and garden service, may take place during your stay but will never interrupt your vacation. We always contact you in advance and there will be always a person from Casa Mia NV with the worker as well.


If I Forgot Something, Is There a Lost And Found?
Yes. If you’ve left something behind on your visit and we find it, we will contact you and arrange to have it shipped back to you. We will charge you in advance and after your payment plus  $15 service fee we will send it to you.


What Are the Check-Out Procedures?
We want you to enjoy your stay right up until the moment of your departure. There is no need to do any cleaning, but we do ask that you leave the Property behind in the same condition of order and repair as it was when you arrived. We will meet you at checkout at a scheduled time to return your deposit, check your usage of electricity and water and receive the keys. Please don’t leave without us signing you out.


Still Have Questions?

Please contact us by phone, email,  Whatsapp or Website
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