House rules

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We ask you to keep the furniture as much as possible on the place it is now. In this way we will keep our furniture in good condition for the next guests. Furthermore, we would appreciate if you respect the furniture like it is your own, meaning that you should not jump on it or any similar activities.

**Please do not wear wet swimwear in the house to keep our furniture in good condition.**

We ask you NOT to take out furniture nor cups, plates, pans, pillows etcetera to other houses you might be renting. Thank you for understanding!


Please make sure that you do not accidentally take (beach) towels or anything else from the property with you. Towels and other inventory are part of the property.


Please let us know by filling in the form we also sent you with what date, flight number and airline you will be using to travel to Aruba.

We are not at the house so when you get in the taxi to go to our house or you are in your rental car on your way to our house, GIVE US A QUICK CALL SO WE CAN MEET YOU AT THE HOUSE TO DO YOUR CHECK-IN AND WELCOME YOU! You can ask the taxi driver of the car rental company to give us a quick call too. Nobody ever refused to do so 🙂

If some flight information changes: if possible, please do let us know in advance.

Our phone number is 00297 594 9606.

Do take with you during travelling:

  • address of the property (we don’t have postal codes on Aruba so you will get a street address and that is it.).
  • Print out your road map so you know how to get to the property
  • Take our e-mail address and telephone numbers with you


If you have any questions you can contact us by e-mail or telephone (before 6.00 pm). Please call us only for emergencies after 6.00 pm. If it is not an emergency you can send us an e-mail or a Whats App and we will assist you the next day OR as soon as possible. Thank you!



Our checking-in takes place at 3.00 pm.
Will you be arriving early? Subject to availability this will not be a problem. We will let you know if it possible one day in advance or as soon as we know.

Should you want to check-in before 3.00 pm for sure and arrange this in advance we charge the following: Check-in before 12.00 pm for all houses – apartments – studios and villas will be 50% of an additional night.


Our checking-out takes place at 9.00 am.

Do you want to check out later? Subject to availability this will not be a problem. We will let you know if it possible one day in advance or during check in or your stay.

Should you want to check-out after 9.00 am in advance we charge the following:

Check-out after 12.00 pm (noon)  for all houses – apartments – studios and villas will be 50% of an additional night.

We appreciate your understanding.


We ask you NOT to change the freezer and fridge mode! The system is perfectly working at the current temperature. Changing this to more cold can damage easy the fridge-freezer. Thank you!


At check-in we will let you sign our rental agreement as stated on the website.

The rent includes a predetermined amount of KW per day for the use of electricity and water. Possible excess usage will be charged at the end of the lease period by means of meter readings and will be charged with a fixed tariff to the lessee. The rent includes a predetermined amount of electricity use. Extra use will be charged at 0,50 USD per KWH.

Water will be predetermined as well per stay.

More m3 will be charged USD 5,00 per m3. (check your listing for the amount given)


Cancellation must be made by e-mail including reason for cancellation for our file as soon as possible.
The cancellation costs are:
– Until 1 month before the original arrival date, 50% of the rent must be paid.
– Within one month prior of check-in, there will be no refund of the full amount.
– Cleaning fees are always refunded if the guest did not check-in.

If you would like to change your reservation dates (if possible and agreed up on) or cancel your reservation we will charge an additional USD 125,00 administration fee.
We advise you directly when you book your ticket to take out travel and cancellation insurance, both for the trip and for the rental of the house. This insurance protects you from financial loss if a booking is cancelled or cut short and in case of emergencies, such as strikes by air traffic controllers and/or other natural phenomena or terrorist attacks.


In the house you will find the official taxi rates for Aruban Taxi drivers, so you have a guideline. A drive to our house will cost around USD 20,00 – 35,00 one-way (from the airport to all our houses). At the Airport there are always taxi’s available and they are safe.

Taxi Company Phone Number: 00297 5875900


When leaving the house to the beach or just to go out, make sure the house doors and windows are all locked, including the laundry!

Break-in due to the fact the house was not secured properly (meaning windows were not locked or still open and the alarm was not in use), we will ask you to reimburse the stolen goods from the house. This will not be covered by our insurance.

So, please use the alarm. If the alarm goes off by accident, please call us to assure it was you so we will not go to the house to check if everything is okay.

The alarm will only work when ALL WINDOWS and DOORS are closed correctly. If you think the alarm is not working, please check that all of the windows and doors are closed. You need to click in the button from ‘lock’ or ‘unlock’ for at least 3 seconds, only then the alarm is off or on.

Losing the alarm key and other keys will result in a charge of USD 200,00 per key as this means we need to change codes – lock codes and buy new keys and the alarm company will charge this.

CLOSE THE GATE DOORS AT ALL TIMES!  Especially when you enjoy the pool, other people should not be able to gain access to the area.

When the alarms goes off by accident… please call us!

When the alarm goes off by accident: please call us on WhatsApp, otherwise we will need to pass by the house to see if all is okay.

If you do not contact us, we assume there is a break-in and we will go to the house.

If we need to go to the house and you did not inform us everything is okay, we will add a fee of USD 25,00 on to your account.


Please ensure you remember and write down your number combination, and keep the key to the safe in it’s place. When you leave the house at the end of your stay, please leave the empty safe open.


At arrival we provide you with some basics. When basics are finished you need to buy them yourself. No refills. And if it’s not in the property we don’t provide it 🙂


We have a septic tank at the house. Please do not throw away OIL in the kitchen sink or any other sink!

All greasy wastes can be disposed in any used bottle or tin and thrown away in the normal garbage. Unfortunately in Aruba, they do not have any recycling.


Aruba is a tropical island and it is always hot here. To prevent ants and all kinds of other pests from settling in and around the house, we constantly see to it that the kitchen counter and tables are clean. Even a crumb of bread is pretty attractive to all kinds of pests. Please throw away any garbage every day in one of the garbage bins in front of the house.


Please park your car on your own terrain at the house. Please don’t park your car in front of the garbage bin. If blocked the garbage, will not be picked up by the garbage truck.


It is easy to rent a car in Aruba, but for high season book your car in advance!

The condition of the roads in Aruba cannot be compared to the Netherlands or the USA. Aruba has different traffic rules than the Netherlands/USA.

At a T-crossing, traffic from the left and right has the right of way. And you are not allowed to make a right turn at a red light. Traffic driving straight-on has the right of way.

Furthermore, traffic in Aruba is mostly much more quiet than in Europe or the USA where everyone is hurrying. If you adjust to Aruban traffic, everything will be fine.

If you are involved in an accident:
Take pictures and look for witnesses. Also ask for the name of the police officers who are helping you and take pictures. Call the police at 911 and call the rental car company. You may call us too for emergency assistance if necessary.


As said above, the cleaning of the kitchen counter is important to keep pests out. It is also important to keep bread, rice and similar products in the refrigerator. If you go to the supermarket, it is better to store as much as possible in the refrigerator.


Most houses have a wash machine and dryer. Outside we also have some line to hang up your wash.

Please note that every time you use the dryer, you have to clean the filter from the dryer. Otherwise it will not function.


Most houses have a pool and the pool will be cleaned twice a week. This will be done by a professional pool service company. They have the key from the gate and can enter on their own. During your stay we leave the cleaning net for you to clean leaves and dirt out of the pool.


When swimming in the pool, please beware that the top of most terrace are extremely slippery when walking with wet feet. Please wear flip flops or dry your feet.

Please do not use drinking glasses around the pool and immediate pool area, please use our plastic glasses.


Our houses are located in a quiet neighborhood. Please respect our neighbors.

If you want to party, please go to all the nice pubs we have in Aruba. We appreciate that our guests do respect our quiet area and neighborhood. No pool parties and loud music allowed at the house after 10:00 pm!

It is not allowed to invite a lot of extra people who are not renting the house unless you tell us in advance.


You rented the house for numbers of persons you told us and filled in on our template. You have to inform us when more persons will be staying in the house. There will be an extra charge (penalty) per person per night.


No smoking inside the properties allowed! Only allowed on the terrace outside. We do have an ashtray so please use it and please do NOT use the garden nor the nature around your house as an ashtray. There will also be a fine for smoking inside the house or in the bedrooms.


If available: The BBQ grill is there for your use. Please do not BBQ under the roof, because for the safety and the roof will not be black. We leave it clean for you and we expect our guests to do the same. Please clean the BBQ every time you use it to avoid it getting too dirty so we cannot clean it right for our next guests. With the check-out, we will check if the BBQ is still clean and well maintained. If it is dirty we will charge an extra USD 30,00 cleaning fee.

Tips: you can perfectly grill with the heavy duty tinfoil in between. It avoids a lot of cleaning activity afterwards. If you should not use tinfoil, the best way to clean the grill is to put the 3 grill elements and the 3 flame covers overnight in a soapy water in the kitchen sink.


The air conditioners have a remote control. It is wise not to set the air conditioners at too low of a temperature. If you set it too cool, you run the risk of catching a cold. As power is rather expensive, we ask you only to turn on the air conditioners in the bedroom where you sleep at night and to keep them switched off during the day. When in use, keep the doors closed. 24 degrees for the night is perfect to sleep in!

The air conditioning works with Celsius.
Below is given an array where Celsius is converted to Fahrenheit.

Celsius Fahrenheit Celsius Fahrenheit
21 69.8 28 82.4
22 71.6 29 84.2
23 73.4 30 86
24 75.2 31 87.8


It is fantastic that the sun is always shining in Aruba, but be sure to use suntan lotion and cover your head, if necessary. Keep an extra eye on your little ones!

 WIFI Code

Wifi codes will be provided in the houses and will be send to you after you made the reservation.

  1. Please turn off the air conditioning when you wake up and as well when you are leaving the house
  2. If you use the air conditioning: keep doors and windows closed.
  3. In front of the house you will find 2 containers for your trash. Do not keep your trash in the house while leaving: discard it every day to avoid animals. We, unfortunately, do not have separate trash on Aruba for recycling. All can go together.