Home Owners Association

I graduated as a notary clerk in 4 years in Holland. 17 years combined working as a notary clerk, which I have done for 7 years in the Netherlands and for 10 years in Aruba, I know very well the contents of a deed of division and the Owners Association which is mandatory to establish therein.


To give you an idea of what my tasks include amongst others: making budgets, fixing issues for the Chamber of Commerce, translating writing division into internal regulations, making contracts for the Owners Association and more.


Legal aspects are also included such as the preparation of annual meetings, the minutes of the meetings and dealing with questions of the inhabitants of a residence / condominium complex. I will be happy to send you all the work I will do for the Owner’s Association.
A very important part of my activities related to the association and probably the most important task is to ensure that all owners pay their quarterly associations  fee in a timely and correct manner. That takes place in cooperation with an auditor with whom I collaborate and who is responsible for the financial aspects of the Association. Owners always have full insight into this.


Now, actively working for three associations, we have the experience and knowledge to take great care of your association.


If you have more questions, feel free to e-mail or call me on the number listed above!


Rixt Kramer