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Casa Mia (Public Limited Company) is a small rental management company. We, Jose and Rixt, the owners, started this rental business together in 2014. Jose has worked for many years in the hospitality industry and Rixt worked more than 15 years at a Notary Office before they started their own Rental Company together. We started with our own villa and from there we expanded till where we are today.


We have the objective of managing a limited number of houses in the northern region of Aruba. We have no ambition to become the largest rental company of Aruba and therefore we are selective with who we work with. This way we hope to maintain a smooth partnership with the homeowners.


Our working method is that we consider the house as if we, ourselves were the owners. We want homeowners to trust us and give us the freedom to get the rental on its feet and to keep it going in the right direction. We excel at this,  planning the rental strategy and keeping it going is our strength. We examine where the potential lies and will maximize the rental at it’s fullest. Along with our standard services including the commission rate we also provide other services. If leakages- minor adjustments or other matters by a third party must be done, other companies then charge a much higher hourly rate than us so by taking this service itself on us (if possible) the cost to the owner will remain low. This is our approach and we will always strive to maintain it. Together we will strive to acquire maximum revenue while minimizing cost for the homeowners.


This also requires assistance and effort from the homeowners. We do want our homeowners to keep the houses nice and well maintained for their renters. This means that homeowners must service their airco’s, garden, fumigate, etcetera. We have consistently achieved good revenue with our working method and we do cost control for the owner. We do not have an hourly invoice mentality and in return for this we also expect flexibility from the homeowners. The homeowners should make themselves aware of risks of renting out their house. However, we do our best to keep both parties happy, you can count on us.
If, after reading about our working method and approach, you can see yourself having a good partnership with us in the future, you can contact us through our e-mail: or via our telephone number: +297 5933042. We will be happy to talk with you and introduce ourselves!